Hello, Ni Hao, and Nay Hoh. Welcome to the official website of Michael Owen.

Michael is one of the few golf professionals in the world to be a qualified class A member of both the PGA of America as well as the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland, the two most prestigious associations in golf. After traveling all over USA and Europe playing professionally and then teaching some of the worlds greatest players including Major Champions, in 2011 Michael decided it was time for a new challenge and relocated to Asia to be part of the golfing revolution going on there and based himself in the Shenzhen/Hong Kong area of Southern China. From this base Michael has travelled all over Asia not only teaching but also educating many golfers who are unfamiliar with the culture of a game that is still in it’s infancy compared to the UK or USA.

Since 2020 Michael has been based entirely in Hong Kong forming a great partnership with the world renowned teaching group Golftec. Since being in Asia Michael has been nominated as one of the top 3 coaches a number of times by the region’s governing body the Asia Pacific Golf Association. Michael’s great knowledge and experience, coupled with his unique ability to simplify the game make him a perfect choice of coach for players of all levels so why not visit Michael at Golftec and check out our state of the art technology as well as improve your game under Michael’s watchful eye.

Enjoy MO