Changing Clubs


All of my students are obsessed with distance. From juniors to senior golfers everyone wants to hit the ball further. Club manufacturers have also realised this and made their equipment “distance friendly ” The chart below is a great example of this.



In 1965 the loft of a 7 iron was 38 degrees, in 2000 it was 34 degrees and then in 2010 the loft had moved to 30 degrees.

These same students also say there is very little difference in distance between their 3,4 and 5 irons. Look how close in loft they are in modern times.

During this time the length of each iron shaft has got about an inch longer so no wonder the ball goes further!!

Then there is the driver. It used to be 43 inches long, now some companies make them over 46 inches long in order to increase clubhead speed. But the longer the club the more difficult it is to hit the sweet spot. Most PGA players use 45 inch drivers as they feel they lose control if the shaft is any longer.

Longer does not mean the better.