Golf Psychology 

Golf Mind is a leader in the psychology of both learning and playing golf. Knowing how the mind can work to a student’s advantage has been very helpful to Michael in his development of golfers, particularly PGA Tour players.

If you are going to the driving range for the first time or leading a major championship the same tools are used to help enhance physical performance. Michael has the knowledge to combine the power of the mind with the physical fundamentals to help golfers of all levels improve faster. Too many golfers play with fear, whether it’s being scared of hitting a ball out of bounds, playing with a better player or even being afraid of disappointing a family member with a bad score. All these factors increase anxiety and decrease the chance of being successful.

Michael is a PGA Certified golf psychology coach and coupled with his years of experience from teaching some of the world’s best players he has a unique insight into how the best golfers prepare and practice so they can reach their maximum potential. There are many aspects involved in becoming a better golfer and having a strong mind is a very important part of this development. We have questionnaires for all students interested in the mental game so we can better understand their strengths and weakness.



Discussing practice plans with Phillip Price.



Classroom time with JD.


CARNOUSTIE, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 19: John Daly of the United States of America takes advice from his caddie during the first round of The 136th Open Championship at the Carnoustie Golf Club on July 19, 2007 in Carnoustie, Scotland. (Photo by Stuart Franklin / Getty Images)

Discussing course strategy with John Daly at the Open (They were leading at this point!!)


Reach your maximum potential through both mental and physical goals.