As technology have improved with video phone calls and slo motion video on most cameras this has really has helped to develop the online lesson. Michael has many amateur and professional students around the world who take advantage of this, particularly now when cross border travelling is pretty much impossible.

If this is something that might interest you all you need to do is 3 things. Take a photo of your grip and then 2 videos one from face on, the the other from down the line (from behind) and send them to

Michael will diagnose your problem using state of the art video software, then give you a plan to fix the issue, a practice plan and then provide you with drills to help accelerate the learning process.

Below is example of one of Michael students a mini-tour professional who felt he needed something different to reach the next level. As can be seen from his before swing on the left his head really dips back and he really struggled with his leg motion. A month later this was his after swing on right his head in a great place and his right knee moving forward. 2 weeks later in his first tournament he was 8 under after 11 then admitted he thought about the magic 59 and proceeded to make a quad on the next hole!! But he did end up shooting 7 under 65 with a quad and won the tournament.