Practice with a purpose.


The fastest way to improve your golf game is to practice, but many people don’t do this correctly,  they just stand at the range or putting green and hit balls without a purpose.

On the golf course you only have one chance to hit each shot, whereas at the driving range you can hit many balls from the same place to the same target; and this makes it easier. This is one of the main reasons that many golfers feel that they hit the ball better at the range than they do on the course.

A way to fix this is to try and make your range practice more like your course play. Choose 3 clubs that you frequently use, perhaps a driver, 6 iron and 9 iron. Hit only one ball and then switch to another club and aim at a different target…… just like you do on the course.

Also try this on the putting green. The most important key is distance control, and once again, what makes this difficult to do on the course is that you only have one chance. Many people practice putting with 3 balls and it is much easier to judge the correct distance after you have tried it twice. So when you practice use just one ball, as this is what you do on the course.

I see many people come to our short game area to practice their chipping. Each ball they hit is from a perfect lie, which once again is very different to what happens on the course. Make sure you practice from bad lies also.

In summary every time you go to the driving range or putting green try to make your practice is as close to what you might see on the golf course. Rarely hit the same shot twice because when you go on the course you only have one chance.