Right Elbow


Many people are scared of using the right elbow in their swing, most due to the fear of coming over the top. There are many different sources of power and the key to speed is sequencing everything correctly. Whilst the left arm remains relatively straight the right arm is able to fold and bend on the backswing whilst extending to a straight position preferably at impact during the downswing. This extension is another lever of power as I will  show from the following pictures of Tiger.


Halfway through his backswing the right elbow has already started to fold


Top of backswing the right elbow is bent about 90 degrees


Halfway down the right elbow still has almost that same 90 degree bend.


At impact Tiger has released the power from the right elbow adding another source of speed.


Golfers are not the only athletes who get power from the release of their right elbow.


NFL Quarterback Drew Brees extending that throwing arm.


 Amazing release of the elbow from this javelin thrower


 Baseball pitchers want speed too!


Baseball legend Troy Glaus extending those arms for a home-run.


Last we have Football/Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo. Although in his sport it is against the rules to handle the ball he still realises the importance of extension.

Although it is not Ronaldo’s right elbow but his right knee is performing that same release and extension.


These great sportsmen can’t all be wrong. There is speed to be had from right elbow or  knee release.