The Grip


The most important fundamental in the game is undoubtedly the grip. If we simplify the golf equation there are 3 main components, the club, the ball and the golfer.
As a player you only touch the ball twice on a particular hole. You put the ball on the tee and take it out of the hole. The ball is influenced by the clubface at impact and having a solid grip enables the golfer to return the club to the correct position on a more consistent basis.
There are 3 main problems amateurs struggle with in regards the grip.

1. Pressure is too tight throughout the swing resulting a lack of club head speed at impact.

2. Many golfers hold the club too high on the grip causing the left hand pad to be off the club and this pad is particularly important in stabilising the club at the top of backswing.



As can be seen from the picture of the sample grips the manufacturing companies are placing lines at top part of grip to try and help golfers from holding too high up the grip.



3. Many golfers hold the club too much In the palm of their right hand. This will prevent them from hinging their wrists correctly to help with a square face during the swing. A “V” is formed between right thumb and forefinger and this should point at the right shoulder for the right hand to be in a neutral position. This is perfectly demonstrated by Tiger Woods.



Golf is a very difficult game that can be made almost impossible with a bad grip.