Video Technology


In the last 30 or so years there have been massive improvements in technology from bigger headed drivers to superior golf balls. All this done to make the game easier for both the average and advanced player. During this time there has also been great advancements in golf teaching technology, particularly with video camera. Seeing one’s swing makes it much easier for the student and coach to communicate key points that might need changing.

Here’s a video comparison of Ben Hogan taken in 1950’s and John Daly taken in the modern day.


Mr. Hogan’s video was taken with a camera at 8 frames per second (the best camera of the day) and we can barely see the shaft, the head, the ball and the divot but nothing is clear.


More than 60 years later this video of John Daly was captured with a camera taking 600 frames per second and everything is crystal clear for both coach and student to see.

Every golfer should take advantage of this technology to help improve their knowledge of the swing.